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Automated Growth and Conversion Toolkit

Launch automated conversion tools to your site with ease


Cookie Notification

Stay GDPR compliant with cookie notifications


Newsletter Subscription

Subscriptions are a tried and proven method to grow sales and retain clientele


Coupon Announcement

Coupons incentivize clients for repeat sales


Show Informations

Customize your welcome message with sales/trend info


Live Counter

Welcome your clients with visitor counters into your thriving community


Latest Conversion

Recent purchases inform clients of the latest trends


Conversions Counter

Advertise your site’s popularity by showing live conversions


Video Display

Embed informational videos and or commercials for your clients


Social Share

Share on social media with a click of the button


Random Review

Share the love you receive from clients for a more trustworthy look


Emoji Feedback

Give your clients a simple option to give much needed feedback


Score Feedback

Collect numerical data and analyze your performance

Engagement Hub

Display a subtle widget which contains all of your relevent links

Email Collector

Easily collect emails and generate leads from your users.

Request Collector

Collect phone number easily on your website

How Anatrax Works

Add Anatrax in 3 steps


Install pixel

One line of code, so easy your grandma can even do it!

Create your notification

Customize your notification with all relevant info to supercharge conversions


Grow & Profit

Put your site on autopilot so you can stay focused on your priorities

Automated conversions has never been easier!

Check out the video on how easy it is to create and add smart notifications to your site.

Create a more human experience

Keep your clients informed and engaged as soon as they enter your web community by showing other relevant online users.

Increased engagement and conversions

Anatrax will work for you 24/7 with our special combination of web plugins in order to keep longer page view retentions leading to more potential engagements.

Around the clock engagement so you don’t have to

Why lose potential future clientele by idling when you can create smart and efficient engagement points? It’s already 2020s, time to auto-engage and streamline your efficiency!

Easy integration with your website in 5 minutes

Easily integrate it on any website with just one line of code.


Its all about conversions!

Embed Growth Marketing strategies into your website in minutes. Simple enough for anyone to use, flexible enough for experts to customise and build upon

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About our affordable pricing plans

Choose a perfect App development plan from the list. We offer best packages to suit diverse client needs that we provide via the web.

Economy Pack



  • 1 Domain
  • 3 Notifications
  • 100 Notifications Impressions / month
  • Coupons
  • Informational
  • Counters
  • Conversions
  • Cookie notification

Business Pack

$ 7.5/ Month


  • 5 Domains
  • 30 Notifications
  • 35,000 Notifications Impressions / month
  • Forever Plan +
  • Conversions Counter
  • Video Display
  • Social Sharing
  • Reviews

Executive Pack

$ 12.5/ Month


  • 10 Domains
  • 50 Notifications
  • 100,000 Notifications Impressions / month
  • All Types of Notifications Enabled
  • Email collection
  • Emoji Feedback
  • Score Feedback
  • Many More...

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